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DJ Fluke Has Done It Again

DJ Fluke Has Done It Again

Who is DJ Fluke Again?

DJ Fluke

Just a little refresh on who DJ Fluke is- he’s played at many prestigious events and clubs including Ultra Australia, Club Illusion and Zouk KL. He was also the official DJ for acts including Halsey, Jason Derulo and Kid Ink, just to name a few. For those of you who frequent one of TANG’s nightclubs, you’ll recognise him behind the DJ desk as he’s a resident DJ at Soho Fridays and Scarlett Saturdays.

DJ Fluke’s first track “See the World Again” (read more here) generated 60k Spotify streams just in one month’s time! With 38k listeners, over 1000 saves and being added to 300 playlists, he isn’t stopping there! Now, DJ Fluke has done it again with a refreshing new take on The Smashing Pumpkins’ 1996 release of the same name. Now, just a shy 2 months later, DJ Fluke is back at it with a brand new track “1979”!

His New Track “1979”

DJ Fluke’s “1979” is the first cover of the incredible success that was the original from The Smashing Pumpkins. For those of you who don’t know who The Smashing Pumpkins are, they’re an American alternative rock band from Chicago featuring Billy Corgan, D’arcy Wretzky, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin. Several major dance labels were interested to be involved in the release, but DJ Fluke decided to release it independently in the end.

“The idea was born when one of the younger DJs in my team asked me what my favourite songs of all time were. I named one of them as 1979 to which they responded “never heard it”. I really wanted to find a way to introduce these songs to today’s generation” explained DJ Fluke.

Aided by amazing vocals, this successful singer, whom DJ Fluke is very grateful to have on the song, was unfortunately not permitted to be featured on the song as an artist. However, we’re sure you would be familiar with this acclaimed singer.

DJ Fluke showcases his talents through the vibrant piano melody. A wave of energy is then introduced by the drop and guitar break. Just like his previous release, DJ Fluke’s new track intersects the world of dance and pop, making this a suitable track for both radio and dancefloor environments. 

Fluke is keeping the ball rolling as he returns to Smash The House with “At Hello” arriving on November 13th. Keep up to date with all things Fluke here or check out his new track “1979” here!

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