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Super Ling: Serving Chinese Comfort Food Every Day

Super Ling: Serving Chinese Comfort Food Every Day

Super Ling's Mapo Pork & Flatbread, Garlic Stem, Brocco-mole & Sour Cream

If you’ve been to The Lincoln before, chances are you’ve walked past or seen neighbouring restaurant ‘Super Ling’, Super Ling is one of our favourite Chinese restaurants, also owned by The Lincoln’s very own power couple, Iain and Stella! 

Super Ling's Xinjiang Spiced Lamb & Flatbread, Red Onion, Leek & Capsicum Dish

Who are they?

Super Ling is a small cozy restaurant serving Chinese comfort dishes, famous for their luscious house-made noodles and incredible mapo tofu jaffles! Their interior features posters of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan with a long communal table in the center and a few side tables. The walls are painted white but the high ceiling is painted dark to give it a more spacious feel. 

Their menu is inspired by Chef Michael “Super Mike” Li (formerly Lee Ho Fook, Restaurant Shik, MoVida) and his Mauritius background as well his mother’s Hakka background. 

FUN FACT: Hakka people originated in Northern China but have been migrating for more than 2000 years. Today, Hakka people are not identified by region but by language. 

Due to COVID-19, they are offering takeaway only but fear not, they’ve revamped their takeaway menu! 

Super Ling's Fried Eggplant & Tofu Dish


Starting with the smalls, the menu features a pork & barramundi spring roll and their famous mapo tofu jaffle – guaranteed to keep you coming back for more! Each jaffle is individually hand toasted over an open flame, stuffed with a Sichuan minced pork and soft tofu stewed in an oily, fiery red sauce flavoured with fermented bean paste. It comes with a bit of a kick so if spiciness is something you definitely can’t handle, we recommend their fragrant eggplant jaffle – a milder and a great alternative for vegetarians but not missing out on their jaffle experience.

Super Ling's Chinese Sweet & Sour Pork Dish


Moving onto the mains, the main features the classic Chinese sweet & sour pork dish, a Hunan style beef with snake beans, Chinese celery and Chillies. Alternatively, you can try the soy-braised pork belly or a steamed barramundi covered in chili oil, soy, Chinese cabbage and peanuts. If you’re keen for some fried rice, they have two options: Lap Cheong (a type of Chinese sweet pork sausage) or XO fried rice with squid, squid ink & egg. The portions are substantial so you know you won’t go hungry after a serve of those.

Super Ling's XO Fried Rice with Squid, Squid Ink & Egg Dish

To complete your meal, how about a serve of Gai Lan with blank fungus and chilli or broccoli with pickled stem and crispy garlic? Trust us when we say the flavours will make all non-vegetable lovers back for more!

They are currently open 3 days a week from 4.30pm to 8.30pm, Thursday to Saturday. If you live nearby, you can order takeaway via PICK UP  on Uber Eats or alternatively call 03 9347 5878. For delivery, find Super Ling Express on Uber Eats & Deliveroo.

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