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All About Fluke and his Brand New Release

All About Fluke and his Brand New Release

TANG’s very own music director, DJ Fluke has collided with Scarlett for his brand new release ‘See The World Again’. The record lands on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Smash The House imprint released July 31st. 

Fluke’s brand new release “See The World Again” features Swedish singer/songwriter Scarlett, who instantly fell in love with the idea when Fluke pitched it to her for vocals. Combining Scarlett’s out of this world’s vocals and the lush instrumental that Fluke brings, created a mesmerizing collection of melodies and an energetic dose of house flirts between the genteel and the fortified that delivers in an overspill of crowd-pleasing, big-room vigour. This track “See The World Again” is especially relatable in the current climate. “The song is a very emotionally driven song, talking about the feelings that everyone has been going through with the current situation and also reminding everyone of the feelings that we are going to have when we can finally travel and “See The World Again”.

Fluke’s portfolio has expanded impressively throughout his career, from being a resident DJ at TANG’s flagship club Scarlett Saturdays to DJing at prestigious events and clubs internationally such as Ultra Australia, Club Illusion, and Zouk KL as well as being the official DJ for acts including Halsey, Jason Derulo, Kid Ink and others of that pedigree- DJ Fluke is no stranger to a crowd. But how did he get here? His journey to success was not an easy one and his hard work definitely paid off.  

Check out our interview with him below:

How does it feel to be releasing a brand new record?

It’s actually such a huge relief. Working on a song can take months to years to finish sometimes and having a reputable label want to sign it, is such a huge relief. For this song, I am just super proud of this competitive market to have cut through.  

What were some of the challenges that you faced?

Learning to produce music in general and learning to produce and write commercial label worthy songs is such a big contrast. I really had to move from the former to the latter in a few months so the biggest challenge was learning and competing with the other talented producers. The label (Smash The House) actually told me that since COVID, they have had more than double the amount of demo submissions so the market of talent has more than doubled. 

How old were you when you first realised you wanted to pursue music as a career? What made you choose that?

I think I was 15 when I decided that I wanted to be a professional DJ but it was only maybe 5-6 years back when I thought music (Writing and producing) could be a genuine career.

What was your journey to this point like?

Extremely tough haha- the music industry is undoubtedly one of the hardest industries to really succeed in and it’s really hard to be accepted into the circles. That’s the reality of the industry and why so few succeed. Very few people are going to genuinely help you so it’s all about building your own base and slowly building your network from there. 

What was your favourite event that you DJ’d at?

Ultra Music 2019 would have to be one of my highlights. The crowd was amazing and did not want a commercial set which was great as I planned to play a leftfield set so it worked out really well. Zoukfest in Genting Malaysia back in the day was also a massive vibe. 

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

My father is a Jazz musician/music teacher but my parents knew first hand that the lifestyle of a musician was tough so through most of my earlier years, they actually tried to keep me away from the learning and being involved in music. I guess you can’t really keep people away from what they are meant to do right? (FYI – My parents are totally cool with it now)

Do you have any advice for people who are also looking to build a career as a DJ?

Work hard, try and find a point of difference. Digital technology has made it very easy for people to become DJs (or producers) with very little investment of money. This means that the market is now more crowded than it has ever been and will only continue to rise. So it’s so important to ask yourself, what am I doing that’s going to make me stand out from the rest?

To check out Fluke’s brand new release, click here

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