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Go Noodle House: Hot and Juicy Noodles in a Bowl

Go Noodle House: Hot and Juicy Noodles in a Bowl

Who are they?

Go Noodle house was launched by Lawrence Lee after his mother took him to a Go Noodle House outlet in Malaysia.  It was after that that Lawrence decided he wanted to bring a piece of Malaysia back to Australia with him. 
Located on the corner of Exhibition and Little Bourke Street, this beloved Malaysian restaurant has been selling up to 800 bowls of noodles a day! Each bowl is made to order so you can expect the arrival of hot and juicy noodles at your table. 

What’s on the menu?

5kg Beef & Noodle Soup

Your noodles are assembled with your choice of soup, noodle type and extras on the order form you submit. There is a five-step ordering process. 

Some of their signature items include Mi Xian – always ultra slippery made from non-glutinous rice. Handmade pan mee noodles (thick, thin or tear) and fish ball with roe. Go Noodle House’s signature broth is the “superior soup” – this is made up of a delicate fish and shellfish broth boiled for 24 hours. You can even add a touch of rice wine for a touch of sweetness. Seventeenth-century Chinese emperor Kangxi is said to be the first to add rice wine. Therefore, his portrait along with his son’s and grandson’s, are featured on one wall of the restaurant. Go Noodle House will be also offering revamped menu items that use local Australian ingredients. 

Another star dish on the menu is the Pan Mee noodles. This also comes in a dry version with a dark sauce, wilted greens and mushroom. You can even spice up your noodles with the condiment station for some sambal belachan or chili oil!

If you’re up for a challenge, there’s a five-kilogram beef and pork noodle soup that is free if you can demolish it within 30 minutes! Accomplish this and you even win an “I LOVE NOODS” cap and bragging rights!

Don’t forget the snacks! Their snack menu is extensive- most of them are inspired by the street food you find in Asian wet markets. Think fried fish dumpling (Kerepok lekor – Malaysian delicacy), Golden Coin, Taiwanese Sausage and more! 

Nothing better than sipping on some beer and indulging with the large trio platter that features spam fries, crispy bean curd skins and Chinese doughnuts (perfect to dip into your shop).

The Ordering Process

First step: Choose your dish- select some bursting meatballs, mussels, prawns, pork belly, mushrooms, fish dumplings and more!

Second step: Soup base- you can choose between superior (mild) or hot and sour. 

Third step: Noodles- select your noodle type: rice vermicelli-style mi xian or homemade udon. 

Fourth step: An option to load up on more protein or vegetables!

Fifth step: Rice wine- You can add either three, five or 10-year aged rice wine. If you know you’ll be back for more, you can even buy a bottle of rice wine to keep behind the counter with your name on it!

Can’t get enough? Well, we were fortunate to sit down with Lawrence Lee and found out more about Go Noodle House!

What is the one dish you highly recommend to everyone to try? 

I definitely recommend the soup and dry handmade pan mees (noodles) & bursting meatballs varieties! It will blow your mind and the flavors burst into your mouth!

What were some of the challenges you faced? 

Covid-19 was definitely a major challenge for us. Having to tailor our business to the restrictions whilst making sure the business stay afloat was an obstacle, however, I can safely say we have been able to rise above it and can attest to being Go Noodle House’s greatest success to date.

What is something you wish you could implement in your menu but haven’t been able to do so? 

We hope to be able to implement a fully digital menu integration across the franchise, however, it is currently restricted due to the franchise business cycle. 

What is the end goal for Go Noodle House?

To have an outlet in every state in Australia. We are ambitious and passionate about what we do, we want everyone in Australia to be able to enjoy some authentic and good-for-the-soul noodles.

Go Noodle House has recently expanded their delivery circles which means it is likely Go Noodle House will be delivering to your suburb! All orders above $30 will receive FREE delivery, if not a small $5 fee will be charged. Please ensure your orders are placed one day prior to your intended date of delivery! Check out their full menu here! 

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