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Local Student studying in Melbourne

Local student studying in Melbourne

Sick of mum’s cooking or eating the same thing every day? You can Sate Meals & Chill  because we’ve got 20% off for you! In case you missed it, fitted masks are now mandatory! Don’t risk a fine and get your masks with KCM Hygiene, we’ve also got a special discount for you. By the way, you should check out Tian38’s initiative to help hospitality workers impacted by COVID- Not all heroes wear capes!

2020 has not been an easy year for anyone – especially for students, who have recently graduated. The job market is at its all time low while all current university students have been forced to adapt to studying from home with online lectures and tutorials. We also know exams are coming up, so good luck to all of you! We know it’s been a long year but there’s always a silver lining.

Helping Hand – Tian38

Tian38, a Melbourne restaurant located on Flinders Lane, has spoken out about the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry but also the impact it has on a lot of people. 

And so, every Wednesday night, they have been preparing hot meals and care packages for those who’ve slipped through the social welfare net and have been caught in these difficult times.

Whilst 2020 has been a hard year, the support from the wider community has been overwhelming and seeing people come together in hard times like these is what Melbourne needs! We can overcome this and we will overcome this!

Tian38 more info:

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Sate Meals & Chill!

Are you getting tired of mum’s cooking or eating the same thing every day?? Well, we’ve got the PERFECT solution for you! Introducing Sate Meals, a sister brand of Sate Foods that offers exceptional ready-to-eat meals! 

You simply have to heat them up in your microwave and within minutes, you have a restaurant-quality meal right in the comfort of your own home! 

They have a wide selection of both Western and Asian dishes, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, try their XO Mac and Cheese- it’s the perfect west meets east dish to satisfy your cravings! They’ve recently added some soup noodles dishes into their collection too! Stay up to date via their Instagram or Facebook!

Stock up your fridge and say goodbye to mum’s cooking… well at least for a week. 


Use “tangcares” at check out, simply head to their website. This is an exclusive offer just for our readers – that’s from $7.12 per meal!


Don’t risk a $200 fine !

Committed to cater to personal protection needs for you and your business, especially now that fitted face masks are made mandatory. KCM’s got you covered!

Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin to stay up to date with special product highlights and promotional offers!


Simply use  “tangcares” at check out as our exclusive reader. KCM offers next day dispatch service and bulk orders.

*Offer is not applicable to gloves

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