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Working in Melbourne

Working in Melbourne

Working from home may have blurred your working and day-to-day life and the stress of job security has never been more prevalent but it’s important that you’re still carving out time to take care of yourself. If you’re time-poor, try Sate Meals as we’re offering you 20% off! Or perhaps wind down with the convenience and luxury of The Pour Company with 5% off for friends and family! Don’t risk a fine and get your masks with KCM Hygiene, we’ve got a special discount for you.

COVID-19 has hit Australian businesses hard but if you’re still holding onto your job, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones and we’re so happy for you! We know these are difficult times and it’s definitely a sigh of relief knowing you still have money coming in. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel like the stress and effects of COVID-19 of the economy. If anything, you might feel more emphasis placed on performing well at work to ensure your job is secure! 

During this time, you might find yourself working longer hours and maybe even sleeping less but it is so important that you continue to take care of your mental and physical health! Check out the post below for some tips!

Taking care of yourself: Some wellness tips

If you’re struggling to cope during lockdowns, we’ve compiled a list of things you can try to do that may help!

1. Keep a daily routine
Plan your daily cadence. Having a ‘structured’ day can give you a sense of purpose and meaning.

2. Exercise regularly 
We all know exercise promotes the release of endorphins and serotonin aka the feel good chemicals in the brain. So, it’s important that you make exercise a part of your daily routine, whether it’s a walk around the block or a set of star jumps.

3. Take up a new hobby!
Hobbies are a great source of enjoyment and stress relief. New hobbies challenge you to develop new skills, boost your self-esteem and create new bonds in your social life!

4. Practice mindfulness daily
You can reset your mind at any time of the day and it doesn’t have to take long! You can try by starting the day with 10 deep breaths, keeping a gratitude diary and checking in with yourself without judgement. It’s okay not to be okay.

5. Limit your alcohol intake
Turning to alcohol more often to relive stress can be a sign of unhealthy coping mechanism. Try replacing this action with a more positive coping mechanism such as going for a walk, doing 20 pushups, watching a Netflix show or calling a friend for a quick chat!

6. Get a good night’s sleep
Good sleep is crucial to your mental and physical wellbeing. To ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep, try exercising, limit your caffeine intake, turn on night shift mode on your phone to reduce blue light before bedtime, avoid napping and practice mindful breathing before bedtime to slow your heart rate.

7. Plan your budget
Financial strain is one of the biggest causes of anxiety and for many of us, the pandemic has severely affected our financial position and goals. A tip for you is to draw up a monthly budget and plan your spending and saving. Alternatively, speak to your bank if you’re experiencing financial hardship.

8. Eat well-balanced meals
Nutrition plays a big part in how we feel both mentally and physically. A recent study found that a Mediterranean-style diet (high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish and unsaturated fats such as olive and fish oil) led to a reduction in depression among participants.

9. Limit negative news intake
Although it’s important to stay information, make sure you are getting your information from official government sites and then switch off. This will help you avoid panic and remain level-headed.

10. Utilise your support network
This can include your family, friends or colleagues. Positive daily interaction will lift your mood and give you a sense of connection.

11. Seek professional support early
Many of us will feel anxiety, depression and overwhelm at some stage during this time. If these feelings are persistent and you’re finding it difficult to cope, please don’t wait to reach out for help. Speak to someone in your support network or speak to your GP. You don’t have to be in a bad shape before speaking to your doctor!

If you urgently need someone to talk to outside of your support network please click the links below:

Lifeline 24/7 Suicide & Crisis Support 13 11 14
Beyond Blue 24/7 Counselling 1800 512 348

Sate Meals: Time is Yummy

What’s your work schedule like on a daily basis? We feel your pain for the amount of time spent just to prepare a simple lunch and feeling sick of ordering takeaway meals but we wouldn’t recommend skipping lunch! 

A little background on Sate Meals, they produce restaurant quality frozen meals with a generous portion. The idea spanned from their CEO’s personal experience with him being constantly time poor – as a chef himself, he wanted to create a wide range of meals that anyone could enjoy anytime anywhere, convenient without losing the tasty component AND satisfying your cravings. 

Easily slot in a Sate Meal from their wide variety menu – Italian Meatballs to Thai Fried Rice and even Vegetarian Lasagne – into your busy schedules. They’ve recently added some soup noodles dishes into their collection too! Stay tuned and stay updated via Instagram or Facebook!

Heat your meals in the microwave for less than 10 minutes and you’re all set for lunch! No more headaches on deciding what to eat. 

Time is gold – time is yummy!


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The Pour Company 

Ever fancied having premium and personalised alcohol delivered to the comfort of your own home?

Look no further – kick back at home and soothe the stress of isolation by unwinding with the convenience and luxury of The Pour Company!

To celebrate the AFL Grand Final, as well as the easing of restrictions in Victoria, all Beer and Vodka is on sale for the month of October!


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With same day delivery, 7 days a week – what are you waiting for?


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Committed to cater to personal protection needs for you and your business, especially now that fitted face masks are made mandatory. KCM’s got you covered!

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