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OMG Fridays: The Journey to a Decade

OMG Fridays: The Journey to a Decade

Located in Melbourne’s premium entertainment venue and event space, Bond Melbourne, is TANG’s oldest nightclub, OMG Fridays. Celebrating their 10th birthday this year, we decided to reflect on its’ journey over the past decade.

Where it all began

OMG Fridays was founded and started by 4fronts events (this included Kenneth, now CEO of TANG Australia, Charmaine and Jave, now both partners at TANG and Zabad) and i2am events (this included Samuel) in 2010. Those involved saw an opportunity in the International Chinese clubbing scene as there were no specific nightclubs targeting this particular crowd. And so, they came together with a mutual goal to run a club night dedicated to catering to the Chinese/ Hong Kong and Taiwanese International Students. 

OMG Fridays was born in Eve Nightclub where they held their weekly night there for 3 years until they moved to Seven Nightclub for roughly 2 years. OMG Fridays then relocated to their longest residency at Bond Melbourne at which TANG has invested into the business as it saw potential in making it OMG Fridays’ home ground. It was normal for a change of venue every 3-4 years for a nightclub, but above all, OMG wanted to keep their patrons excited and on their toes before they got bored of the same venue every week. OMG Fridays was also not able to find its ideal venue that suited the vision of the brand until they found Bond Melbourne. 

OMG logo

The OMG Logo has evolved throughout the decade. It started off with a simple logo for the sake of branding and marketing purposes. However, as the years progressed and the brand became more well-known and popular, tweaks were made to modernise it and the old logo evolved to becoming the infamous OMG colourful logo. 

An upgrade was long overdue as OMG needed a fresh new look after 5 years of promoting the same logo. The latest change was made only a shy two months ago and the decision to emphasise on gold and black was primarily decided by OMG Friday’s new project manager Hann, as he felt like the colourful logo no longer reflected the brand. The use of gold and black was also used in conjunction to complement the venue’s feature of gold. The combination of gold and black promotes a more sophisticated and classy vibe, for which accurately represented OMG Fridays.

OMG Fridays has now evolved into a more premium and sophisticated brand along with our patrons. As our patrons become more mature, OMG wanted to reflect that but at the same time, keeping an element of fun and excitement to entice younger patrons too.

Important personnel

Over the past decade, there has been a change of staff and managers. However, there were some in particular that had an impact on OMG Fridays, and so we’d like to give a big mention to Marco Lum, Sandy Feng, Kay Liu, Danvis Lau, managers who have been with us since the inception of OMG. A big shout out to Wei Wei who has been with us also since day 1 and has progressed up the leaderboard, from promoter head host and eventually manager. Sheena Hui and Olay Hoe who pulled the highest numbers of patrons and Olay, who was our ex-VIP manager as well as Match, who pulled the highest number of VIP patrons.

There were also many staff who left OMG Fridays, in particular Kim Tran, who was our door manager and theme coordinator who set up and styled multiple themed events such as OMG Fridays biggest annual Hello Kitty event and many other anniversary events. Poh Fern, who was the door and reception manager for the first few years of OMG, Houen Ly who was door supervisor and now a General Manager for TANG Australia (she has also been with OMG since day 1) and finally Wei Lyn Song, reception manager and the dedicated budget and accounts person for OMG for the past 5 years and counting. 

Finally, we’d also like to give a big shout out to the OMG partners: Kenneth Ngov, Charmaine Lau, Jave Ng, Mervyn Lim, Yew Hann (Hann), Ivan Moo, Samuel Yeung and Benki Liew! Thank you for dedicating so much of your time and effort in shaping OMG to what it is now: an elegant and sophisticated success! A big thank you to the OMG organizers as well: Thomas Chan, Michelle Chan, David Su, Billy Khong and Mika Ning! Thank you for always doing your best to help out, your efforts have not gone unnoticed!

OMG Fridays would’ve never blossomed and prospered to where it is now without all of you, so thank you for being a part of the OMG Fridays journey and for all your contributions.


OMG Fridays has definitely hit some major milestones over the decade including being one of the longest standing nightclubs in Melbourne, if not Australia. OMG has consistently opened for 51 weeks every year for the past decade, the only “day-off” it takes, is the first Friday of each year! OMG Friday’s pride itself for being the #1 International Club Night in Australia and this has derived from OMG Friday’s drive to deliver the best nightclub experience to our patrons. OMG also prides itself on its connections in Asia, with this OMG Fridays was able to bring down some of the big artists to play and perform, such as Kimberely Chan, Pakho Cahu and Lara Liang, just to name a few! Head to our Facebook albums to relive some of those moments!


Running a weekly night certainly does come with its own challenges especially as OMG Fridays faced strong competition from various nights as the years progressed. 

Since the focus was on catering to the International crowd, there was a high turnover of patrons, staff members and the management team every 3-4 years, and so, OMG constantly had to rebuild our team and come up with different ways to capture the interest of potential patrons. 

Building/keeping a fanbase is not always easy especially when there were a few changes and transitions into new venues. It was necessary to ensure customer relationships were maintained, especially with our VIPs. However, OMG’s promoters and head hosts, as well as managers, really know how to keep patrons happy, thus contributing to OMG’s long-standing success.

Another major challenge OMG Fridays constantly faced was the downtime in summer when the majority of international students return home for the uni break. This has also been an obstacle for OMG Fridays, however to overcome this, discounted entry before a certain time was offered, along with more local friendly theme nights such as Australia Day and Christmas Day parties to attract a different crowd or patrons who have chosen to stay in Melbourne over the summer holidays.

Annual Events

One of the reasons why OMG Fridays has been able to succeed and retain loyal patrons is also due to the annual events it has held throughout the years. The infamous Hello Kitty & Friends Party along with the Freaky Friday Halloween party has been one of the busiest nights of the year, whilst the Chinese New Year Party, a traditional-based theme has also been a popular night. 

Other notable events such as OMG’s Mooncake Festival, Anniversary Parties, Neon/UV parties and O’Week parties have always been a crowd-pleaser and a success. OMG Friday would love to do more events and themed-nights to heighten our patrons’ experience. If you have an idea, feel free to leave it in the comments sections below!

Finally, we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to OMG Fridays’ over the past decade. Whether you’re a staff or a patron, thank you for being a part of OMG Friday’s journey. Happy Birthday OMG Fridays! Here’s to many more years to come!

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