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What’s Hood: Glen Iris Edition

What’s Hood: Glen Iris Edition

What is “What’s Hood”?

We’ve been working from home for 6 months now and with restrictions in place, it’s hard to get your heart rate up if you’re not a runner. Being restricted to a 5km radius and exercising being only limited to walking, running and biking, staying healthy and active during lockdowns isn’t easy and there aren’t many options unless you have a home gym.

However, this extra time spent at home has allowed us to find some hidden gems in our own backyard. Whether it is a different trail we didn’t know existed or finding a new pond with a family of ducks, these small finds have made our weekends more exciting. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of different routes in the suburbs our team members live in. For this blog post, Kelly is first up and she resides in Glen Iris, hence the title of this blog post: What’s Hood – Glen Iris Edition. Here are her top picks:

Usual Route: 

Top picks for coffee or food along/ close to the routes:

New finds:

Living in Glen Iris and near several parks, I have a few options. However, I’ve recently discovered a few new routes that have led to surprising finds. 

Hedgeley Dene Gardens

The other week, my boyfriend and I decided to venture out and walk a new path. We’ve never really taken any path beyond Darling Station however this week, we decided to! The sun was out and for the first time, we experienced some warmer weather in Melbourne. Right before entering Hedgeley Dene Gardens, we spotted the ice cream truck! It was definitely a must to our walk so we stopped and decided on the chocolate hazelnut ice cream.

Walking through Hedgeley Dene Gardens for the first time, I kept wondering why I didn’t find this gem sooner! The park was beautiful; there was a giant pond that was split into two by a bridge. There was a mini waterfall where the ducks would bathe under. The best part? There were even ducklings swimming around.

The park was quite busy, given the beautiful weather. Families were out kicking the footy around or lingering by the pond as their little children were feeding the ducks.  We’re counting down the days until restriction eases for a picnic there!

Central Park

As we moved on, we found ourselves in Central Park where dogs are allowed to be off-leash. The park was filled with dogs running around and families kicking a soccer ball around. We got a coffee from a cafe nearby and continued a few laps around the park, carefully avoiding the muddy puddles of water that we occasionally encountered. 

Gardiners Creek Trail

This week, we found another hidden gem just at my local park. A hidden trail from the path we usually walk too! But this route really made us feel like we were somewhere else! This was the Gardiners Creek Trail. We usually walk around the D W Lucas Oval or Darling Park, just off the Gardiners Creek Trail so we never fully ventured out but today we decided to go a different way and ended up here. The trail was an easy one but after about 1.5 hours in, we realized the trail would keep going all the way to Kooyong! 

Upon looking it up, it’s a 17km trail spanning from Kooyong all the way to Blackburn! We’ll definitely be trying the whole trail one day… but maybe on bikes instead! 

What’s Hood in your area? Leave us a comment below!

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